About us

Mai Vinh Rubber Company, MIVICO in international transaction name is established for the first time under the Business Registration License No.4602000884 by the Department of Planning and Investment in Binh Duong Province on December 2nd 2003 with charter capital of 8 billion. Currently, the license no have been changed into 3700549753 which is same with tax identification number and registered capital is of 88 billion.

The Company is specialized in rubber, including: rubber planting, trading and processing natural rubber SVR 3L and SVR 10.

Operating in 10 years, Mai Vinh Co. is proud to be one of the top private companies in plant capacity and exports. Now, the Company is investing in the third stage ( 2012- 2014) with the following scale:

 Manufacturing groundOutput ton/ yearRevenue (USD)
Now:(2012) 2,5 ha 24.000 ton/year 65 million
3rd stage: 10 ha 60.000 ton/year 150 million( minimum)

The main product of company is SVR 3L and SVR 10 rubber with the following physical chemical criteria:

Viet Nam Standard 3769:2004 SVR 3L SVR 10
1. Dust (retained on 45μm aperture),%m/m, not more than 0.03 0.16
2. Ash content,% m/m, not more than 0.50 0.8
3. N2 content, % m/m, not more than 0.60 0.6
4. Volatile content, % m/m, not more than 0.80 0.6
5. Initial plasticity (Po), not less than 35 30
6. Plasticity retention index ( PRI ), not less than 60 40

Implementing stable strategy of self- sufficient material source, from the year of 2007, the owner of Mai Vinh contributed capital to found Minh Lap Co., Ltd which specialized in planting, taking care of rubber garden with the 150 ha initial area, now this increases to 200 ha. Minh Lap farm has reached fully tapping since 2013 with estimated letax output of 1300 ton / year.

Head quarter of Mai vinh Co and factory are located in hamlet 6, Tan Long commune, Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province. This location borders Binh Phuoc province ( Chon Thanh, Dong Phu district) and with Tay Ninh province ( Dau Tieng district)- where there were many rubber plantations under the French, now they are still the biggest raw material, processing center in country with many big rubber companies. In addition, Mai Vinh also gets preferential investment policy of province.

Manufacture ground is 10 ha (newly expand 7.5 ha) located closely rubber forest, isolated from resident. Such infrastructure condition as traffic, electricity, water ensures to expand capacity. Phuoc Hoa Chanel next to the factory is favorable condition to flow water for manufacturing even in dry season.